Last fourty years saw the history of Sirio proceed together with some big revolutions in the world of electronics, computer science and industrial trade. With the appearance of active components, as Power Transistors, MOSFETs and IGBTs, the power conversion has slowly changed from the industrial frequencies of 50 Hz to the actual frequencies of hundreds of kHz. This was a technological revolution on active components and, as a consequence, also on the family of passive components, in particular transformers and inductors.
Meanwhile, owing to the changes happened in the computer science, it was possible to shift from simple machines with only push-buttons control to machines that are becoming more and more computerized and automatized.
During last years the industrial market has completely changed: the competitiveness, from local level (National and European) based on common rules, moved to a global level without the same rules for everybody.

Sirio Inductive Components responded to the above mentioned epochal revolutions trying to take all possible opportunities and positive aspects.
The R&D Department was started following this purpose: a research and development office where engineers and specialized staff introduced their technical proposals in the field of the transformers sector. Their projects were developed and inserted in a standard catalogue, still in evolution.
The company is placed in three different working units specialized in different kinds of components, equipped with new important machinery: machines and instruments with a high level of automation enable Sirio to improve the technological and productive processes and to give quicker and more flexible answers to the customers.
Sirio made an important financial investment to improve the know-how, with the aim of being prepared to face the future challenges.