Since the beginning Sirio Inductive Components had a twofold aim: the company progress and the attention to workers.
Beside the achievement of technical goals bringing on the industrial market electromagnetic components with high quality and reliability (due to the staff specialization, to the high automation and to the accurate inspection tests), Sirio always paid special attention to the workers reconciling their interest with the capital interest.
The values of participation to the company life has been present inside Sirio during its whole history and it has brought to the creation of the Sirio Association in 2001.

This is an Association in which all workers can freely participate after having signed a non-competition act.The company registered the 20% of the authorized capital to the Sirio Association: in this way the workers can enter the partners' meeting through the elected president and can control the 20% of the capital participating to the most important decisions of the company.In case of distribution of profits, the Association has liquid assets that can use only for training of members or employees, according to the Association statute, and not for other purposes.
Following on from above mentioned experience, in 2006 Sirio received the award “Quality in development” promoted by the Rotary Clubs of Padua. In 2007 Sirio was selected by Unioncamere (Union of Chambers of Commerce) and presented in Rome as example of “Good Practice of Social Responsibility of the Enterprises”.