The Quality Policy is for Sirio Elettronica an integral part of the corporate strategy, it is the very engine of the business.
Sirio has been working under a controlled quality system since the mid-eighties and received the first ISO certification in 1994. Being structured according to ISO 9001:1994, the company has created, step by step, a quality mentality, improving people's sense of responsibility.
Furthermore, the new system of procedures has allowed an easier internal dialogue and a simpler reduction of mistakes and misunderstandings.
The path to implement Quality continued in the following years, till the achievement of the ISO 9001:2015. While incorporating the new standard, Sirio once again confirms its quality-oriented policy. In fact, the company has been organized by processes since 1994, with an outline of services to support the basic processes. Setting targets, achieving them, then monitoring the processes and the products/services, and finally taking actions to improve the performances, when necessary: this method (PDCA cycle: Plan - Do - Check - Act) allows the company to be still present in the international market today.
Likewise, during more than 45 years of activity, facing up to risks and opportunities (risk based thinking) has been the basis for improving the Quality System and thus remaining competitive.

But scenarios are changing faster and faster now. When changes occur – whether internal or external –, Sirio Elettronica believes there is only one way to increase the company’s added value and to plan for the future: to continue to think about how to enhance the adequacy and effectiveness of the Quality Management System. Improvement willingness leads us constantly.